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Amusement Leswing Car Ride

Power Type: Battery
Battery: 2*80A
Age group: Kids &Adult
Ring diameter: 1.5m


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1. This leswing car rides have dazzling crystal lantern control handles. A person operates the joystick can achieve forward and backward, turn left, turn right, 360-degree rotation and other functions. Flexible operation, Endless fun.
2. The product supports diverse control includes coding control, SMS control and remote control. Let you operate worry-free.
3. The overall framework of this product with thick steel, Durable, No rust and No deformation. This happy rides are able to bear more weight without being damaged.
4. This amusement rides have standard safety belt. Make customers feel more comfortable and safe.
5. This car equips with high compression rubber. It is not easy to wear. Style is novel and shape is unique. The best choice for the park and playground.
6. Motors of this leswing car rides has three years warranty, strong power but energy-saving. Mute effect is good.
7. If the batteries are Charged for 10 hours. The car rides can run for 8 hours continuously.

1. Standby mode
In a quiescent state, Wait for the credit card or remote start,If not activated within a certain period of time, Will enter the flicker attraction model ,

2. Operation , display interface
The joystick controls the direction of movement, The display shows game time and so on, Press to set,

3. Game model
After happy car start , will start the game model , mean while the music will be start , The display shows the remaining game time ,

4. Operation buttons
The remaining battery capacity is displayed, There are high middle , low block model , music can be chosen by yourself .

5. General Settings
A. Language (Chinese, English can be Switched)
B. Game time
C. Obstacle test
D. Demonstration interval
E. Display time
F. Change password

6. Accounts check
Record operating conditions, Record the running times and time, Enable to clear all.
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Amusement Leswing Car Ride



Power type Battery Material Stainless steel mainly
Battery 2*80A Voltage 24v
Ring diameter 1.5m Speed Adjustable
Length 1.7m Package 1.55*1.5*1.75m
Seats 2 seats Weight 100KG
Operation Remote control Function time and music can adjustable
Age group Kids &Adult Advantage *More lights to attractive *More safety and stability



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