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How to protect amusement equipment from sun in summer?

Summer is coming, and the temperature in many places is generally high. Such high temperature and hot weather will definitely affect the operation of amusement facilities, and high temperature and fever will lead to shutdown and other phenomena.  How to maintain the amusement equipment has become the primary task for the operators to consider and solve.  

There are several common ways to reduce heat. One is to put an awning or sunshade on the top of the equipment, which is suitable for products with relatively small business area. The other is physical cooling when there are fewer customers,you can use water spray to cool down, which is suitable for outdoor products that are not convenient to build shading measures. Most of these amusement equipment are FRP products, which are not afraid of wind and rain, and can be physically cooled down.  

The plastic parts and glass fiber of the amusement equipment can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfection detergent, bleach powder, etc., then cleaned with soft cloth or soft brush, washed with clean water, dried with clean cloth or dried in the sun. When cleaning the electrical part of the circuit, the first thing to do is to ensure that the power is off, no watering, generally with a wet cloth scrubbing, to be dry and then connected to the electricity. All amusement equipment, open slides, drill parts should not water after rainy days, if there should be a 4 mm diameter hole at the lowest point for drainage。  



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