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Flying Tiger Rides

Capacity: 8 cabins
Power: 6 kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 12m*6m



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Tel: +86-371-86535738
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Flying tiger is a new type of aerial amusement equipment that can set up indoor and outdoor. The flying tiger game will make the tourists feel like fell in a wonderful space during its changeable rotation. The game with dazzling lighting and dynamic music, you will feel a comprehensive joy of flying, especially at the turn of the swing, give you a more exciting and unexpected surprise.

Photo Detail

Technical parameters

Capacity     Cabin    Area size      Height Material Voltage/Power
16 seats 8 12m*6m 5m FRP+Steel 380V/6KW
20 seats 10 15m*6m 5m FRP+Steel 380V/6.5KW



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