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Carp Jumping Gantry Park Ride

Passenger: 12-16
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel


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  • Technical parameters

Carp jumping gantry, also called Longmen Carp Ride, is a children water shooting amusement equipment that researched and developed according to the fairy tale. There is a lovely carp leaping into the clouds set in the middle of the equipment, surrounded by many animal modeling such as lotus leaf, small fish, frogs and so on, which are all decorated with colorful bright painting, vivid and lovely.

Henan Dinis Entertainment. have developed a new design of carp jumping gantry on the basis of the original equipment. The track of new carp jumping gantry ups and downs, make the passengers fell more exciting. Each carp cabin is equipped with two water guns, when you pull the switch, you can shoot water and launch laser to hit the animal in the center. Then the animal in the center will spray water and play music. So this amusement equipment is very attractive to children. The application of laser allow you to operate carp jumping gantry in the cold winter.

We provide customized service, usually 6 arms (6 cockpit), and 8 arm (8 cockpit), each cockpit can take 2 children.

Advantages :low investment, quick return, no fixed basis, the ordinary voltage can run, large customers traffic, strong sense of participation, suitable for flexible operation both indoor and outdoor.

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Technical parameters

Total Power 3 KW
Voltage 380 V
Passengers 12-16 people
Area 6-8 m
speed 8rpm
Height 3m
Electrical control full-automatic control

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